Path & Products

Path & Products

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Bringing the technology to your door step

IIECL brings latest state – of – the – art Microfilteration Nanofiteration and Hyperfilteration (Reverse Osmosis System) Technology with help of its R & D works and enriched practical experience of application experts.

IIECL’s package water treatment plants i.e. Base Exchancge Softeners. Demineralisers, Dealkalisers. Pressure Sand Filters. Activated Carbon Filters.Lamellaa Filters etc. are backed by century old and Proven ion Exchange Technology.

Besides wide range of standard packaged plants. IIECL Designs Develop, Install & Commission tailor made plants for you from simplefiltrationn toTurnkeyy Instaltion of D.M.. and R.O. systems for General, Brakish & Sea Water Capacity ranging from 1 M3/HR to 100 M3/HR.

Stretching Customer Service to its length

IIECL take its customer service concept even further taking entire responsibility for water and waste water management From Concept to Creation to Operation …… to maintain ……. in Total.

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